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We deeply care about the communities of California, which includes Fullerton. The seniors of these communities are of the same communities we belong to, and we are proud to serve them. Sometimes, certain complications can occur, leading to situations where these beloved seniors may require treatment, such as hip replacement surgery. These seniors deserve a high level of care and attention while recovering from such procedures. As their family caregiver, we understand that you want to be there for your loved one. However, you may not be able to do as you may be busy in life. Additionally, hospital stays can be pretty costly so recovery there may not be an option.

This is where Loving Home Care Inc. can serve your loved ones as they are our very own. We do so by providing optimal respite care in Fullerton. Our caregivers are trained to the best quality of short-term and temporary caregiving and are ready to serve your loved ones in their recovery journey.

Randy shares his experience on the impact of having an in-home trusted care provider during his mother's journey with dementia and falling injuries.

How Loving Home Care Can Help You With Respite Care:

At Loving Homecare Inc., we carry on the vision of our founder by combining a loving, caring environment with professional care services. We understand that having a caring partner in aging can bring one person and their whole network of loved ones a powerfully supporting experience. In the same way, we uphold this vision with our respite care services in Fullerton by helping your loved ones with their recovery. We make sure to take care of all their needs.

We provide various types of respite care as part of our respite care Fullerton services. They are the following:

    • Lifestyle Care Services:

    Our lifestyle care services that are part of our respite care services in Fullerton are designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of Fullerton citizens. We work carefully with your doctors and medical professionals to develop a successful recovery plan. We try to minimize the chances of readmission and follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. We can help support recovery from conditions like strokes, fractures, heart attack, joint replacement, and diabetes.

    • Medical Management: 

    It is no surprise that medication is a part of any senior’s daily requirements, let alone recovery. We know that it can be challenging for seniors to maintain their medication schedules, especially in a recovery state. This is where we can help by helping them maintain it with timely reminders. In situations where they cannot take their medicine, we can administer it in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Rest assured, we monitor for any side effects after medication.

    • Bathing and dressing:

    Keeping themselves clean can be physically challenging for recovering patients. They may need standing and walking support, and in some cases, they may not be able to get out of bed. Our respite caregivers can help by guiding them towards the bathroom, providing standing support and giving sponge baths. After baths, they can help them with dressing up.

    • Diet Management:

    In most cases, recovering seniors are in no shape to cook for themselves or even remember to eat on time. This is where we can assist them through our respite care. Our caregivers can cook food according to any specific diets and preferences. After all, your loved ones’ nutritional needs deserve to be fulfilled with their favorite meals. We provide varied meals so that eating does not become a repetitive task during in-home respite.

    • Toileting and incontinence care:

    Just as with bathing, recovering seniors require support when going to the toilet. Certain conditions and medication side effects can even cause incontinence to occur. Our caregivers are trained to help our beloved seniors with toileting and incontinence problems whenever they need assistance. This includes taking care of any messes that can involuntarily happen in bed.

    • Complete Recovery Support: 

    At Loving Homecare Inc., we are ready to provide the seniors of Fullerton with comprehensive recovery support. We develop a plan tailored around you and your loved ones in a way that suits your schedule. You can get our respite caregiving services for a few hours, full-time or around the clock, as you see fit.

    • Condition Monitoring: 

    We conduct frequent checkups for all our patients, including overnight observation. This is if they are in an exceedingly critical situation and there is a risk of recurrence. We provide regular health updates to family members while keeping up with any instructions you and your doctor provide. Your loved ones will always be safe and feel right at home with our caregivers.

    • Transportation

    A recovering patient will likely be in no condition to drive themselves around, and you may not always be available to take them. They may need to go to the hospital for any follow-up appointments necessary for their recovery. We can help your loved ones by providing transportation for these appointments and any errands they may need to run.

    • House help Services: 

    Recovering patients cannot clean or take care of their home without causing harm to themselves or staggering recovery progression. Our caregivers can help by providing optimal house help services. A clean home is a safe home as they can move around in a hygienic environment, ensuring that the patient’s recovery is swift and secure.

    • Exercise and Fitness:

    Getting exercise is crucial for patients recovering from a physical injury. It also helps seniors stay healthy, which is vital at their tender age. We want the seniors of citizens to live a long and healthy life. This is why Loving Home Care Inc. has a dedicated team of caregivers who can support them with exercise, stretching, and fitness therapy sessions.

    • Companionship Services:

    Recovering seniors can get isolated during recovery, as they have limited mobility in these phases. This can cause them to become depressed or lonely. We understand that loved ones can naturally not give them all their time since they may have commitments. However, low morale and impaired mental health can affect recovery by staggering it. This is where our caregivers can help by providing them companionship during recovery.

    Loving homecare is at your service. Contact us at (562) 448-3854 to reach our officials.

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