Why Us?


Stewardship: Helping Families Use the Right Financial and Lifestyle Options

Paying for the assistance needed with aging is often one of the most challenging a family will have. The missing piece of the puzzle is that most people don’t take a full inventory of the resources they already have that can contribute to their care- they start off with limited and inflexible rules for solving their situation. The next part is that most families are overwhelmed or uncertain about the outside options that can help pay for in-home personal care, or don’t realize how other commitments can be afforded through other outside help.

We utilize our experience combined with our professional, academic, non-profit, and relationship resources to help introduce families to additional options. This helps maximize family financial, relational, and time resources, and provides for the future needs of those who will need assistance in the future.

Accountability: We are expected to deliver observable outcomes

Our standard of personal responsibility compels us to achieve results. We understand the significance of the faith and funds that you are investing in aging loved ones. This is why our care plans are outcome specific. Our assessment ensures there is no confusion on what success looks like. We want to be held accountable for having you experience our vision and the satisfaction of your needs.

Trust: Relationships that Reach Results

We strive to deliver a life where families’ have the assurance that those you cherish most are thriving. Trust is our value not because we ask for it, but because we work to earn it. We pledge to deliver responsive communication, take action on feedback, and offer transparency in our service knowing this is what will cultivate our relationship.

Trust is essential for the experience of our assistance. Often the transition to care starts with hesitation, often by the person receiving care. Transitions can always cause uncertainty. We understand this and know that full enrichment from our in-home care starts with it being accepted.

This is why we design our relationships to dispel fears upfront. We don’t require long-term contracts. We work to introduce you to the caregivers who will provide for you. We introduce you to other resources that can further lighten the load of aging’s adventures.

Thriving: Team Growth for Your Good

While we hire many care professionals with years of experience, we also grow and develop our own. Most agencies only hire those who were trained on the time and dollars of a healthcare facility or other past employer but aren’t willing to invest the time into new talent.

We do this for several reasons. First, if we don’t develop our people in our methods and expectations, then we can’t expect to hold them accountable to our standards.

Second, there will never be enough qualified care providers for our nation’s aging population, unless we are willing to invest in these crucial careers.

Lastly, we believe that human development is about growth and changing lives for the better. For this reason, we partner with Local Career Colleges, ROP programs and Healthcare Career-Development Partners to help others enter and advance in healthcare and gerontology professions. When we help someone find purpose in their profession, we’re transforming their future, as much as their care is transforming another’s.

Strength in Community Service

We strategically partner locally, to ensure we have the relationships and resources to manage the diverse needs of those we serve. We prioritize opportunities to engage in community education, sharing our experience to help prepare others. We also collaborate with events to help serve those in need and vulnerable.

We understand that if an entire hospital network, or a county, or a country cannot solve every need for those who are aging on their own, neither can anyone personal home care provider.