Medication Management Services For Seniors

Providing help with medications for seniors is one of the most challenging parts of senior home care. This is because medicines are essential for most elderly to remain healthy or deal with any medical conditions. Usually, seniors tend to have a lot of medical prescriptions to deal with chronic issues, and it can be a challenge to keep up with these. If medication is mismanaged, it can severely hamper their health and may even be dangerous.

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Some unsafe situations that can occur are side effects, missed medications, or double dosing. A pill organizer is an option, but it cannot be relied upon without proper surveillance. Look no further than Loving Homecare Inc., where our caregivers provide you with the best home medication management for seniors. We offer a range of services that ensure that your loved ones get their medication safely and on time.

What exactly is Medication Management?

Medication management involves the provision of medication management services for seniors. These services ensure that they are assisted through any challenges they face with taking medication. Our caretakers are trained extensively to deal with any obstacles seniors might face and provide related services.

What services does our Caregiver Medication Management include?

Loving Homecare Inc. provides the following medication services for the elderly, ensuring your loved ones remain healthy and safe:

  • Following and keeping track of medication schedule
  • Maintaining a complete inventory of medication
  • Keeping track of side effects
  • Reporting side effects to medical personnel
  • Keeping family members up-to-date with complications
  • Medication reminder services for seniors
  • Providing seniors with the proper dosage and medicine

Our caregivers are trained to provide all these services, ensuring you do not have to worry about your loved ones getting the medication they need on time.

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Our Service Offering: Senior Home Medication Management

Seniors are liable to develop more chronic illnesses than any other age group. This is because their immunity and health begin to deteriorate at an old age. As a result, their prescriptions are a lot bigger. Managing such extensive prescriptions can be a challenge, especially for them, which means a medical mishap is very likely to occur. Medication management can help you avoid such risky situations.

These mishaps are made further likely by the fact that the packaging and instructions may be poor. Additionally, the medicines may react to other foods and medicines. Overdosing is also very likely when medicines are not available in pill form. As a result, seniors can face dangerous health effects that can make medication errors potentially fatal. Our caregiver’s medication management ensures such a situation will not occur.

How do you remind seniors to take medication?

We employ a range of medication reminder strategies to ensure seniors remember to take their medicine on time. These are:

  1. Pill Box Dispensers with alarms
  2. Alarm Clocks
  3. Pill Reminders on smartphones
  4. Easily readable medicine labels
  5. Wrist reminder device
  6. In-person medication reminders

How do you help someone remember their medication?

The medication strategies we have mentioned in the above FAQ helps seniors to get into a routine that can help them remember their medication eventually without reminders. We also employ a compassionate approach to reminding your loved ones about their medication ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. This helps provide an environment where they can be as comfortable as possible, enabling them to retain their memory.

What is the best medicine reminder?

As such, there is no set-in-stone medicine reminder strategy since each works differently for different people. For example, seniors who are not familiar with technology may not have a good experience with digital medicine reminders. Similarly, some seniors might find in-person reminders annoying, so they may find digital methods better. We make sure to use medicine reminders suitable for your loved ones.

Is there a pill reminder app for iPhones?

Yes, Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe is a great mobile application available for download for iPhones. It provides reminders for all medications and options to add notes alongside them. Additionally, there is the option to send notifications to family members and medication reports to doctors. It can even notify you if you need to refill inventory.

Is there an app to remind you to take medication?

Yes, another application you can use is Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer, which provides a pillbox alongside a free app for Android and iPhone. The pillbox can hold all sorts of medication and is divided into seven slots for a week’s worth of medicine dosage. It ensures that you never miss a medication.

What is the best free medication reminder app?

There are so many free medication reminder apps available for elderly medication management. Each has unique features that help them stand out from the others. As such, the Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe mobile application we mentioned above is considered the best by many users and websites. We have mentioned the features that stand out for this application above.

What should the time gap be between two medicines?

The medication between two different medicines should typically be half an hour unless specifically mentioned. If you’re talking about the time gap between two same medications, then this time gap will differ depending on the medicine. We recommend speaking to a medical professional who will instruct you duly.

How much does medication management cost?

At Loving Homecare Inc., we provide a flat hourly rate that will depend on the area you would like these services. Rest assured, we will provide all the services we have listed for the charges we take. It would be best to contact us through any of the avenues we have mentioned on our website. We will then provide you with the hourly rate that this service will cost you.

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It was such a pleasure to work with Loving Homecare for my Dad's recovery after his stroke. We needed overnight care for him and Loving Homecare was able to find us the most gentle and caring caregivers we could have wished for. Tanner and Leslie were also there to answer and help whenever questions arose. I would not hesitate to call Loving Homecare again to help with my parents.

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After several weeks of caring for my husband at home following a severe leg injury that rendered him immobile and unsafe to be left alone for any extended time, I desperately needed help and some respite. I was referred to Loving Homecare, Inc by a very trusted friend who had used them in the past and referred others who were highly satisfied with every aspect of their care and services. Tanner Gish and his team could not have been more responsive and caring.

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VETERAN FRIENDLY 🇺🇸 as a Veteran I am skeptical of any business that says they are Military friendly but Loving Homecare lives up to their name.
Years ago I sent a Family Friend, who is a Combat Veteran, to this business. I only heard positive things. Loving Homecare is approved by the VA and I highly encourage any person, Veteran or not, to call and try out their services. Tanner & Orianne are great trustworthy, people.

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