Meal Preparation For Seniors

If you’ve been looking for a healthy and hassle-free meal preparation service for the elderly, your search ends here! We at Loving Homecare plan out the best menu and meal preparation for seniors. We buy all the ingredients and cook them well. Our caregivers are trained in providing cooking services for seniors including various diet plans with multiple options so that your cravings are satisfied without compromising your health.

Tanner Gish (CEO, Loving Homecare in Whittier, CA) shares about the vision that inspires the people and the partnerships to elevate the aging experience through in-home care relationships.

In-home Meal Preparation Service

Our Meal preparation includes the following:

    • Meal plan for senior citizens
    • Shopping for the groceries
    • Preparing the meal and cleaning up afterward
    • Help with feeding if needed.

      Our caregivers are always ready in these situations to provide the best services. If you do not want your caregiver to get the meal cooked already but in your house, we can offer you in-home meal prep services.

      Important things to consider while preparing a meal for the seniors

      The right diet can make all the difference in your loved one’s life. Our caregivers are trained to work with you and provide support when it comes to meals, so they’re here every step together on this journey of love and care.

      Many seniors have dietary restrictions such as diabetic diets or low-sodium foods; however, there is hope because our caring staff will develop a healthy meal planning for seniors. They are prepared just right around what tastes good while still meeting nutritional needs.

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        Why Loving Home Care Inc.?

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        I would like to thank my family (Loving Homecare) for their support and motivation. Despite my vast experience as a Healthcare Practitioner in big and well-reputed institutions, my experience at Loving Homecare has taught me many things that I missed in my professional experiences over the years. I learned how to be part of a family, I know what's like to be a part of a family and how important it is to love and be loved at work without jeopardizing all or any of the professional boundaries. It is such a great feeling when your client counts the hours and minutes waiting to see you again. This noble relationship with your clients will not grow that far without having the right atmosphere. YES, I strongly mean it: "LOVING HOMECARE" is that atmosphere I am talking about. I have always received the support when needed even without having to ask. The administration work with you and protect you exactly like any family protects its family members. I feel proud to be part of this family and I am sure all other colleagues would share this feeling with me. Once again, thank you all for your love, care, trust and appreciation. I will always pray for your organization to grow bigger and bigger. This means many clients are getting the best care ever and staff are enjoying the best working atmosphere in the field of home healthcare.

        Sarjoun B.
        Los Angeles, CA
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        When I had major surgery at 94, my family was concerned regarding who to get to take care of me 24/7 for several weeks. A nurse friend suggested Loving Homecare.. Tanner and Orianne were so kind, attentive and loving. I will never forget them and they will remain in my heart and prayers. I feel that having Loving Homecare enriched my life as well as having such fabulous care. I know God directed my family in their choice and I would highly recommend Loving Homecare, unreservedly, to anyone who wants the very best of care.

        Georgia P.
        La Habra Heights, CA
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        Loving Homecare, based out Whittier, California, was recommended to us by the hospice company that was overseeing our friend and neighbor. In the two week that Loving Homecare provided their service, we were faced with a new challenge because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Tanner and his team made the adjustments necessary to continue to provide personal care for our loved one. Would highly recommend Loving Homecare if you're looking for personal care and competitive prices for your loved one. Thank you, Tanner and staff.

        Val H.
        Whittier, CA
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        We've been using Loving Homecare for about 7 months now and they are great! We have a very difficult situation at our house and Tanner was able to find the perfect caregiver for our situation. They are very flexible and go out of their way to help with all of the challenges we are faced with. Tanner is very involved with us and checks in frequently to make sure all of our needs are met. The caregiver is a trooper and sticks around in very complicated and hard situations. There is constant contact with us when we aren't there so we always know how the day went. I've also noticed they are very good to their employees and offer them lots of support. Keep your employees happy and your employees will keep their clients happy - Loving Homecare more than meets this standard. I will continue to use them and I recommend them to anybody that is looking for caregivers.

        Jodi G.
        Whittier, CA
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        Meal Planning For Seniors

        What is a good dinner for an elderly person?

        It’s as simple as asking what they like. Maybe a family dinner would be good, or perhaps they want to have someone cook the meal for them. Dinner can be whatever you and your loved one decide on!

        Our caregivers are trained to read the cues from seniors to provide perfect meal preparation assistance that include soups, meatless dishes, salads with different dressings etc. which are easy to digest and are nutritious.

        What do the elderly need in a meal?

        Eating is essential for aging seniors but remember that many older people have dietary restrictions like diabetes or heart disease. When preparing meals, we try to include the following:

        Our caregivers understand it can be challenging to find time to cook with everything else on your plate. You’ll never have to worry about finding food that fits in your beloved family member’s diet needs when our caregivers are there for you!

        What kind of food elderly needs the most?

        Planning menu meals for seniors at home can be challenging, especially when you have an older person with special dietary needs, but our caregivers can help! When planning a menu for your loved one’s diet, we try to include the following:

        • Food that is low in salt and sugar
        • Food high in calcium and Vitamin D
        • Food that is soft or easy to chew
        • Lean proteins

        Are bananas good for the elderly?

        Yes, bananas are excellent source of potassium, essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure. They can even help improve night vision!

        Why are eggs bad for seniors?

        Eggs are high in cholesterol, so it is best to be aware of eating. An egg has 185mg of cholesterol, leading to a higher risk of heart disease.

        How many eggs should seniors eat a day?

        Egg whites are healthy for you, but too much food high in protein can negatively affect your health. Your body can face difficulty digesting protein, so remember not to have too many eggs. A day can be fine up to two eggs while you are making meal prep for seniors.

        What foods should an elderly person avoid?

        There are different foods that the elderly should avoid. Some include sour cream, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, and more. Remember to be careful when it comes to meal preparation because any of these items may not be appropriate for your loved one’s diet!

        Is peanut butter bad for seniors?

        Peanut butter is high in Vitamin B and can help promote healthy hair and skin, so it is not bad for the elderly. Just remember to watch out when making smoothies because it could be hard on their dentures!

        Why choose Loving Homecare?

        Eating is essential for everyone, and it’s important to remember that the elderly need a specific diet and meal support. When you need in-home caregiver support and meal preparation services for seniors, we’re here every step of the way, not just for the sake of service only but with our whole heart and warmth!