Senior Care in Duarte, CA.

In addition to other locations, Loving Homecare In. has also been serving communities in the city of Duarte in Los Angeles, California. Our main goal is to give care and assistance to elder family members in the privacy of their own homes.

We want you to stay close to your family and build a solid support system. Hence, we come to your location, at your ease, and treat your loved ones with the attention and care they require. It is our responsibility to ensure their wellbeing and safety while you are away.

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In-Home Help For Duarte, CA Seniors

We provide in-home care services by assigning our professional team to serve the senior citizens at their homes and according to their needs. Our specialized care programs are suitable for various special conditions to help the old, aged citizens.

As we grow older, it is only natural for us to become weak and fragile. These times are tough, and one wants to spend them with the family they lived their whole life. Such challenging times make it difficult for families to leave their loved ones unattended and without support. It becomes our job as expert caregivers to not only lift the burden off your shoulder but also to provide our help at a time of such emotional transitions. You can opt for our End of Life Care program which would enable us to come and lend you our helping hands.

Marianne shares her unforgettable experience of having an above-and-beyond care team by her side during her recovery from a fall.

About Duarte, CA

Duarte is a city in Los Angeles, California, with a population of 21,245 residents, named after its founder, Andrés Avelino Duarte. About 19.6% of people are above 60 years, with about 9.2% without health insurance, senior citizens, and 611 veterans. It is a suburban region with its preserved history safeguarded in the Duarte Museum, which is a great attraction for visitors. The city is a family-friendly neighborhood that offers various attractions, an inviting atmosphere, and unique spots where most citizens own their own homes and properties.

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Why Loving Homecare Inc.?

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Thomas Schuler

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It was such a pleasure to work with Loving Homecare for my Dad's recovery after his stroke. We needed overnight care for him and Loving Homecare was able to find us the most gentle and caring caregivers we could have wished for. Tanner and Leslie were also there to answer and help whenever questions arose. I would not hesitate to call Loving Homecare again to help with my parents.

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Enid Eck

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After several weeks of caring for my husband at home following a severe leg injury that rendered him immobile and unsafe to be left alone for any extended time, I desperately needed help and some respite. I was referred to Loving Homecare, Inc by a very trusted friend who had used them in the past and referred others who were highly satisfied with every aspect of their care and services. Tanner Gish and his team could not have been more responsive and caring.

Michael Wojsa
Fernando Lopez

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VETERAN FRIENDLY 🇺🇸 as a Veteran I am skeptical of any business that says they are Military friendly but Loving Homecare lives up to their name.
Years ago I sent a Family Friend, who is a Combat Veteran, to this business. I only heard positive things. Loving Homecare is approved by the VA and I highly encourage any person, Veteran or not, to call and try out their services. Tanner & Orianne are great trustworthy, people.

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