Specialized Care For Seniors

Randy shares his experience on the impact of having an in-home trusted care provider during his mother's journey with dementia and falling injuries.

Private Specialized Care

With 80% of older adults having at least one chronic disease, and at least 77% having two, never before have America’s 44 million family caregivers needed the additional help and support as they do now.

Support for your Specialized Situation

Long-term conditions require long-term planning and solutions to ensure both the individual and those who care for them experience the richest, longest life possible.

A competent and understanding in-home caregiver can help families navigate such a journey that many others in their life do not fully understand. A personal caregiver’s one-on-one attention to both the medical, social and emotional needs of seniors helps navigate what they’re living through to what they’re living for. Learn about the specific conditions where a senior caregiver can provide support and reduce your stress.

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    Specialized Care

    Let us help you establish a sustainable plan for long-term health

    Dementia & Alzheimers

    Our Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP®) provide special training our caregivers working with those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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    Our caregivers provide the essential assistance with mobility and motor tasks for those living with Parkinson’s Disease.

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    An experienced companion can help provide diabetes the discipline, diet, and accountability to live longer and healthier.

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    We promote the fullest independence by helping those dealing with pain and assisting with responsibilities neuropathy can complicate.

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    Stroke Care

    We surround those on the long term journey to restore cognitive, physical and emotional set-backs of stroke.

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    Development & Intellectual Impairment

    We help with those impaired from birth or by accident live with healthy routines and daily dignity.

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    Chronic Pain

    Both our caregivers and the check-in solutions from our care managers help to ensure you remain your best for the long haul.

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    Hospice Care

    End-of-Life experience is best at home. Our caregivers help keep you there and collaborate with your hospice provider team.

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    Cancer Care

    We provide the daily lifestyle and relational support for those fighting cancer and pursuing treatment.

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    Fall prevention

    We assist your loved one in the process of preventing falls.

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    Additional Services

    Additional Services Tailored Your Way

    If you have a particular need that is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your situation and our solutions to help. Our caregivers can be coached to deliver you or your loved one’s care needs. We understand that a senior living alone in Fullerton has different needs than someone with a spouse helpful neighbor, and grandkids that visit every week. We assess your existing network of help and health and tailor the right relationships and services for help with aging at home.

    Special Support:
    Music and Arts for Cognitive Stimulation Check-ins with a Dedicated Care Manager
    Medication Management & Education Self-Care and Social Health
    Intergenerational Relationships Transportation to Needed Activities