Senior Care in Whittier

Loving Homecare Inc. has a history of proudly serving the families and individuals of various communities in California. This includes the community of the Whittier area. We have done so by providing them with aging home care services in their homes. We believe that helping the elderly with in-home senior care in Whittier ensures that decades of their history and legacy are not lost. We are committed to our mission of providing aging care with professionalism and empathy. In addition, we carry the heartbeat of our founder to ensure the optimal senior care in Whittier experience.

Marianne shares her unforgettable experience of having an above-and-beyond care team by her side during her recovery from a fall.

In-Home Help For Whittier Seniors

Our approach to senior care at Loving Homecare Inc. involves dedicating ourselves to various values to ensure the elderly get optimal Whittier assisted living. Families can feel overwhelmed or uncertain when opting for senior care. We aim to lift this weight off your shoulders. We do this by assuring you that you and your loved ones are in safe hands. We empower the seniors by providing ultimate senior home care while assisting them with their day-to-day activities. This ensures they get a high level of care in a loving environment. Additionally, you can get in-home help on an hourly or around-the-clock basis, whichever suits your needs. Additionally, you can get in-home help on an hourly or around-the-clock basis, whichever suits your needs.

We have made the lives of our senior residents better in various ways. These ways ensure their day-to-day emotional and physical needs are taken care of. We emphasise the following values that make us distinctive in the senior home care industry.

  • Stewardship

We understand that paying for senior care can be a challenging decision to make. Therefore, we help families use the proper lifestyle and financial options available to them.

  • Accountability

We understand that you expect results when investing in senior home care in Whittier. Therefore, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with the care that satisfies your needs and expectations.

  • Trust

Trust is essential for feeling comfortable in a new environment. Therefore, we work hard to earn it for you and your loved ones. We design our relationships to dispel any fears you may have. This ensures you and your loved ones feel comfortable in the new environment.

  • Thriving

We hire experienced professionals, but we also hire new ones and train them in our methods and expectations. This includes a high level of care while helping the industry and community thrive with senior in-home care in Whittier.

  • Strength in Community Service

We partner locally to ensure that we have the resources needed to support the diverse needs of others while also helping the community of Whitter grow in strength.

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Types of Home Care we offer in Whittier, CA

1. In-Home Care

Most seniors are uncomfortable with the idea of moving to a retirement home. This is because they feel they can live in their own home. Also, they do not want to go to an unfamiliar environment. However, they may face challenges with living by themselves, like preparing meals. We take care of all their lifestyle, medical, recovery, and emotional needs with our home care in Whittier. This ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy their twilight years with health and happiness.

2. Assisted Living

Assisted living allows seniors to feel independent and in control. With assisted living, we encourage seniors to do tasks by themselves and help them where they cannot. In this way, seniors will feel like they are doing the work themselves while slowly improving until they can do it without any assistance. For example, Loving Homecare Inc. caregivers may encourage them to clean themselves while providing them with standing support while showering.

3. Custodial Care

Custodial refers to non-medical assistance that seniors may require with their daily activities. This includes lifestyle activities like eating, bathing, cooking, etc. Custodial care may be recommended by authorized medical personnel. Whitter assisted living can help seniors in carrying out theri daily activities with ease. However, the providers of custodial care themselves are not required to be medical professionals. Custodial care ensures that seniors’ daily needs are taken care of in a loving and safe environment. This type of care can be both in-home and within a nursing home.

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    Loving Homecare Serving Whittier, CA Since 2014

    Aging in the familiarity of your home offers many advantages. Whether it’s recovering from illness or surgery faster, preventing cognitive decline or improved physical or mental health, we ensure you have the team it takes to enjoy your life at home.

    Dementia Care in Whittier

    Our Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP®) provide special training our caregivers working with those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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    End of Life Care in Whittier

    End-of-Life experience is best at home. Our caregivers help keep you there and collaborate with your hospice provider team.

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    Fall Prevention Care in Whittier

    End-of-Life experience is best at home. Our caregivers help keep you there and collaborate with your hospice provider team.

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    Lifestyle Care

    We help ensure seniors have the assistance to enjoy their independence safely at home. Whether it’s helping with errands around the house or in the community, preparing meals or assisting with meal prep, we’re here to help. Click below to request an assessment.

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    Recovery Care

    Loving Homecare of Whittier provides you the peace of mind that your return from a hospital, skilled nursing, or rehabilitation facility stay will minimize setbacks and maximize your healing. Click below to learn more.

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    Specialized Care

    Dementia & Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, diabetes, stroke, and many other risks can challenge your independence at home. Our mission is to be your partner in living and thriving through these challenges head-on. Contact Loving Homecare Whittier below to discuss your situation.

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    About Whittier, CA

    The city of Whittier is located in Los Angeles County and is a few miles southeast of the city of Los Angeles. Whittier has a rich history having its origins dating back to the 18th century. This was when a retired Spanish captain was given California as part of his retirement grant. Whittier developed rapidly after World War II due to housing shortages in Southern California. This city’s strong sense of history has given it its strong residential community that you can see today. Additionally, the government has strived to enhance it with planned growth and development plans.

    The City of Whittier has various programs designed for its citizens, including senior services. This includes the Uptown Whittier Senior Center and the Parnell Park Community & Senior Center. They provide multiple programs, including educational classes, special events, health screenings, and exercise programs. These ensure that seniors’ emotional and physical wellbeing is taken care of. Memberships cost only $3 per year for both centers.

    Whittier Senior Resource Guide

    While home care can cover many essential needs for seniors, a complete and effective care plan incorporates resources for all of life’s needs. This includes assistance for socialization and community involvement, nutrition, exercise, legal and estate planning, housekeeping and gardening, care management, medication management, insurance, and physician and medical professionals, and many more.

    It’s for this reason that we use our existing network and knowledge of local providers to curate a list of these key resources for seniors here in your city. If there is a particular need you do not find, please contact us- we would love to introduce you to a service that may help support aging safely and independently at home.

    Hospitals and Healthcare Centers for Seniors in Whittier

    Senior Care Services in Whittier, California - Loving HomeCarePIH Health: Whittier Hospital’s Transitional Care Unit (TCU) provides physical, occupational and speech therapy, and many group art, exercise, and social activities to help patients recover and prepare for a return home and to receiving care there.

    The first and original of the three regional hospitals in the PIH Health Network, this 548 licensed bed, state of the art facility serves the Whittier, San Gabriel Valley, North Orange County, and surrounding areas.

    For those who are members of the PIH health network and seeking a physician specializing in Geriatric Medicine, Albert Khan Bui MD is the network’s geriatric specialist. You can request an appointment online with his office here. PIH- Whittier Hospital is the primary surgery center and specialist hospital for the Whittier area.

    For more info:
    • PIH Health
    • 12401 Washington Blvd, Whittier, CA 90602
    • 562-698-0811
    • View Website

    Whittier Hospital was the first modern hospital to serve the Whittier community, today offering 178 beds and 40 specialties. Seniors exploring home care in Whittier should also explore their Golden Years Senior Club, which offers opportunities for social connection, exercise classes, and educational events, and even a $1.00 Senior Breakfast on Saturday mornings for its members.

    For more info:
    • Whittier Hospital 
    • 9080 Colima Road, Whittier, CA 90602
    • 562-945-3561
    • View Website

    While this medical office does not offer emergency services, it is the Kaiser facility serving Whittier for pharmacy service, family medicine, laboratory work, and diabetes retinal screening.

    For more info:
    • Kaiser-Permanente Whittier Medical Offices
    • 12470 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90602
    • (833) 574-2273
    • View Website

    Senior Centers and Senior Community Services in Whittier

    Senior Care Services in Whittier, California - Loving HomeCareParnell Park is one of two Senior Center locations in Whittier, and is an ideal East Whittier “out of the house” destination for caregivers with those they care for (especially on free movie days!

    Whittier proudly offers its 55+ community with multiple facilities that are regularly hosting educational, social and special interest events for seniors in Whittier. Bingo, scrapbooking guilds, writing arts & crafts classes, organized trips and vacations, veterans services, and even senior legal aid workshops with pro bono assistance, are all offered through Whittier’s Senior Centers. While Whittier home care recipients can have personal caregivers provide such help, a caregiver can also help prepare and accompany seniors to centers like this, and encourage them to socialize with others in their community.

    Uptown Senior Center

    • Uptown Senior Center
    • 13225 Walnut St, Whittier, CA 90602
    • 562-567-9470

    Parnell Park Senior Center

    • Parnell Park Senior Center
    • 15490 Lambert Road, Whittier, CA 90604
    • 562-567-9450
    • Visit Website

    Sunrise provides case management, physical/occupational/speech therapies, on-site nursing services and a staffed clinic, daily meals, and social activities. For those unable to drive, the center also provides transportation to and from its facilities for its participants.

    For more info:
    • Sunrise Adult Day Healthcare
    • 14360 Whittier Blvd, Whittier,  CA 90605
    • 562-325-5787
    • View Website

    When cooking becomes more of a burden than a joy, Meals on Wheels offers nutritious reheatable lunches and dinners that are diabetic friendly. Also, their team of meal delivery volunteers helps with check-ins and ensures seniors are safe at home. This volunteer team, along with its case managers, is a vital team for ensuring that seniors needing home care in Whittier are identified, and introduced to home care providers in Whittier such as Loving Homecare to ensure their wellbeing.

    For more info:
    • Meals on Wheels Whittier
    • 7702 Washington Ave # B, Whittier, CA 90602
    • 562-698-2750
    • View Website

    For those seeking a hot prepared meal vs. a frozen one, SASSFA is another government social service that ensures seniors are well-nourished. They offer meals for seniors throughout the Whittier area, as well as home-delivered meals for seniors.

    For more info:
    • SASSFA Whittier- Nutrition
    • 10400 Pioneer Blvd, Suite 9, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    • 562-699-3231
    • View Website

    Services for Veterans near Whittier

    Loving Homecare recognizes that many of today’s seniors have honorably served our country in its times of greatest peril. For this reason, Loving Homecare is honored to help connect senior veterans to healthcare and legal help, as well as to partner to help veterans gain access to additional VA pensions and services designed to help veterans as they age.

    Senior Care Services in Whittier, California - Loving HomeCare

    For more info:

    • VA Hospital – Long Beach
    • 5901 East 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90822
    • 562-826-8000
    • View Website

    Next Door Santa Fe Springs has their own VA Medical clinic to meet the needs of Veterans. This includes nursing aid as well as connections to social services, such as the Veterans Aid & Attendance benefit.

    For more info:
    • Santa Fe Springs VA Testing Clinic
    • 10330 Pioneer Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    • 562-347-2200
    • View Website

    For more info: