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We provide them with aging home care services within homes. We believe that helping seniors with home care in Lakewood, California helps preserve their history and legacy. This ensures our services provide a solid support system. We are committed to our mission of providing elderly home care in Lakewood with professionalism in a caring environment.

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In-Home Help For Lakewood, CA Seniors

When providing senior care, we adopt certain core values to ensure that seniors under our care get the best Lakewood personal home care. Families can feel anxious when opting for senior care, which we understand entirely. We strive to relieve this stress from you by providing professional services while showing you that your loved ones are safe in our hands.

We empower them in our care while aiding and providing for all their needs. This ensures they get the best care in a loving home care environment. We even make the process easier by providing hourly, daily, or around-the-clock services. You can decide whichever suits you best, and we can assist you with any resources you need.

Marianne shares her unforgettable experience of having an above-and-beyond care team by her side during her recovery from a fall.

We have improved the lives of our seniors and, consequently, their families in plenty of ways with our senior care services. This ensures that their emotional and physical needs are taken care of. We adopt certain values that make us stand out in the senior home care industry. These values are:

  • Stewardship

We understand that spending your head-earned money on senior home care can be quite a difficult decision to make. Therefore, we advise families so that they can choose an option that is right for them.

  • Accountability

We understand that you expect results when investing in care for your loved ones. Therefore, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with the best possible care that you deserve. We do this through our Lakewood senior care provided by well-trained staff.

  • Trust

Trust is essential for feeling comfortable in a new and unfamiliar environment, in whatever situation. Therefore, we strive to earn your trust and design our relationships to take care of any doubt you may be experiencing. By doing so, you and your loved ones will feel more comfortable when opting for Loving Homecare Inc. services.

  • Thriving

We hire specialized medical professionals while hiring novice ones to train them in our high standard methods and expectations. This ensures they are on par with the high level of care we strive for. This helps the industry and community thrive with home care in Lakewood CO.

  • Strength in Community Service

We do business with local companies and providers to get the resources we need to take care of our seniors’ needs. When we do, we are also helping the community of Lakewood. This is because this process provides more employment and business, which can help boost the Lakewood economy.

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About Lakewood, CA

Lakewood is located in southern Los Angeles County and is about 23 miles southeast of the city Los Angeles. After World War II, Lakewood was created as a planned community to house world war veterans during the housing crisis. Fast forward to now and the city has a population of approximately 80,000. Lakewood is known for its service provisions and has the most contracts for most municipal contracts in California. It is known for being the first city in the country to contract all of its municipal services. This innovative plan is associated extensively with Lakewood whenever it is mentioned. Besides that, Lakewood’s economy is primarily commercial and retail. The city for the majority is a single-family community.

Regarding medical services, the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Lakewood Regional Medical Center are serving the Lakewood community. The former specializes in heart, spinal, and stroke care, while the latter specializes in orthopedics, heart, and advanced stroke care. Additionally, the city of Lakewood offers a range of services for its senior community. This includes the Weingart Senior Center open to all senior citizens. It provides various classes and activities to aid senior citizens while providing low-cost lunches to those above 60 years of age. The Burns Community Center is another option where seniors can participate in exercise programs that can be a great boost for their health.

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