Join us in Elevating the Aging Experience

Our decision for work is one of the most significant decisions we make. Our health, our confidence, and our relationships are all affected by our work. This is why each member of our team has chosen to be a difference-maker for those in struggling with health and happiness. We have each experienced the relief that comes when receiving assistance, and the pride that comes from knowing you touched a life.

Whether you have years of professional experience serving seniors in facilities or at home, or whether you are pursuing a career change because of a personal experience with a family member, you are a fit if your purpose aligns with ours.

Caregiver Opportunities in Whittier, La Mirada, La Habra, Fullerton, Orange County & San Gabriel Valley

Our care team is the face and fulfillment of our service. We are seeking attentive, communicative, proactive, and servant-minded professionals who work because they leave an impact. Our team knows that they are meant to be healers and trusted helpers. We equip our care team with practical training and a responsive and relational support team. When we invest in you, we all gain.

We also want to elevate your professional skills and for your career growth. We are proud to have developed caregivers to pursue their ambitions to become CNA’s, LVN’s, registered nurses, respiratory and occupational therapists. For those interested in similar career journeys, we want your service with us to be focused on gaining professional, personal, and leadership skills to prepare you for your future.

The Benefits

We aren’t just delivering care- we are growing a culture. We know that environment, relationships with co-workers and supervisors, and being treated according to the potential we see in you, are crucial to having us love our work. We invest in each of these, as well as the usual compensation and benefits.

We proudly provide:

  • Competitive Pay to Match Skills & Service
  • Paid Sick Time
  • “Learn to Love” Paid Skill and Professional Development
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Professional Certification Opportunities (CNA, CDP)
  • Referral and Performance Bonuses
  • Community Team Building Initiatives
  • 24/7 Care Member Support
  • Scholarships for Education Opportunities

We also platform our most responsible, experienced, and professional team members to be Lead Caregivers, who make visits to observe, train, and encourage the rest of the team, and who join the office staff in reaching out to the community.

Available Positions

Senior Care Staff Positions

Our staff and support team are evangelists for our mission. Each one ensures our passion for excellence in training, care delivery, and client experience is maturing each day. We understand that our care team is the core of our organization. Therefore, each staff member is committed to the growth and development of our caregivers to deliver excellent in-home caregiving to families.

Staffing Managers

Our Staffing Managers own the essential responsibility of matching caregivers’ skills and strengths with seniors. We are accountable to the families we serve to meet their expected care and to deliver their care outcomes. Staffing Managers are excellent communicators with both caregivers and clients. They are fast-paced and highly proactive; for any gap or change they immediately reach out to create several solutions. They love solving puzzles- life is always changing, so schedules do too! Those who succeed are action-oriented problem solvers, who can’t sit still and love maintaining relationships and offering recognition with a large team.

Caregiver Recruiters

Caregiver Recruiters love relationships, make friends easily, but are also astute judges of character and honesty. Recruiters love searching for the potential and the character in others. They are self-starters. They set a full calendar for themselves of interviews and appointments, respond quickly by call, email, and text to the talent who applies. Our Caregiver Recruiters cherish the impact of the employee experience from day one and are passionate about making sure people taste and then multiply our vision.

Client Care Managers

Client Care Managers and RN Care Managers have trusted fiduciaries who own the experience each of their seniors receives. Care Managers are the first face-to-face contact with new families, able to carefully evaluate needs, make the connection to our solutions, and build trust. They assess a family’s experience (by both in-person visits, calls, and emails) and measure the progress our caregivers are having on achieving care plan goals. Care Managers are constantly educating families about new approaches to care and other resources available through non-profits and other organizations that will elevate their aging experience. Care Managers also participate in the training and development of our caregivers, because they are responsible for excellent and professional outcomes. Thriving Care Managers have high personal responsibility, a deep knowledge of the workings of health, social, and family challenges that come with aging, and have experience and connections among gerontology professionals.

Home Care Liasons

Home Care Liaisons are daily drivers of new relationships with healthcare and social work professionals in the communities we serve. Home Care Liaisons love meeting new people are excited to meet new people and to enter new environments. Liaisons are highly driven, self-starters and have existing relationships with highly trusted gerontology professionals. Liaisons also love to teach, sharing about the unique ways we steward the health and the financial concerns of families for their good. They love being face to face and don’t easily give up on the opportunity to earn trust with someone new.

Interact with:
Geriatric Care Managers
Facility, Hospice and Insurance Social Workers
Independent Physicians Association Representatives
Hospital and Transitional Care Case Managers
Senior Living Placement Locators
Non-Profit Community Ambassadors
Medicare, Long-Term Care & Life Settlement Insurance Professionals
Financial Advisors & Fiduciaries
Lawyers & Estate Planners
Mortuary & Funeral Planning Professionals
Other Senior Specialists
Benefits include:
Competitive Pay to Match Experience, Competency & Existing Relationships
Paid Sick Time
Paid Vacation Time
Lucrative Performance Incentives
Opportunities for Growth and Development
Retirement Savings Plan
Mileage Reimbursement
Professional Certification Opportunities (CDP)