Fall Prevention Services In Fullerton

We know that as we age, the chances of falling increase. It could be due to some risk factors such as decreased strength and mobility or poor coordination; but at Loving Homecare our commitment is to provide senior citizens with safe living environments so they can continue their lives in the comfort of home!

Randy shares his experience on the impact of having an in-home trusted care provider during his mother's journey with dementia and falling injuries.

Loving Homecare’s Fall Prevention Program

Loving Homecare is here to help you! We know that falls can be hazardous, so we’re prepared with the perfect fall prevention plans for your loved one. Whether they slip and fall on slippery surfaces or miss their footing while walking – both scenarios decrease mobility and confidence level in an individual which may lead them towards a decline of cognitive function over time if not addressed soon enough by caregivers

We offer a variety of services to help keep our clients safe and independent. This includes providing training for senior fall prevention at home so that they can stay in their own place as long as possible with the proper care

The best way is by removing any slippery surfaces or dangerous obstacles within your house such as throw rugs which may cause an elderly person to slip while walking on them; installing grab bars throughout each room if needed- these provide hand holds when getting up from sitting positions (or even just using one!) It’s also important not only to get someone else involved but ask about what you could do yourself before hiring us!

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