Toileting & Incontinence Care For Seniors

Going to the toilet is part of our normal bodily function and is considered a basic need. However, for the elderly at a tender age, going to the bathroom can be a challenge. They may need assistance going to the toilet, as they may have developed conditions that make it difficult or may have even lost control of their bladder due to incontinence issues. Many people tend to hide these conditions because they are ashamed and do not want to ask for help.

Tanner Gish (CEO, Loving Homecare in Whittier, CA) shares about the vision that inspires the people and the partnerships to elevate the aging experience through in-home care relationships.

Toilet Assistance For Elderly

It is crucial to provide them with a comfortable environment where they do not feel ashamed for asking for assistance. Our caregivers excel at providing such a compassionate environment and are trained to provide toileting assistance and manage incontinence. This ensures that they never have to feel ashamed and can live with dignity.

What is Toilet and Incontinence Care?

Toilet and Incontinence Care involve providing patients with assistance and care for any challenges related to going to the toilet that your loved ones may face. This can be anything from assisting them with using a urinal or commode, dealing with any accidents, or helping them manage incontinence issues. Incontinence relates to mental or physical problems that cause the elderly to lose control of their bladder and bowels. Our caregivers are trained to deal with this to provide optimum caregiver incontinence care.

What tasks are part of Toilet and Incontinence Care?

Our caregivers are trained to perform various tasks to ensure complete toilet care for your loved ones. These tasks include:

  • Toilet assistance for elderly
  • Managing incontinence issues
  • Taking care of accidents
  • Help and encouragement for self-care
  • A loving environment to ensure comfort
  • Professional care
  • Optimizing bowel functionality

Our caregivers are ready to perform all these tasks and deal with any related situations. This ensures that your loved ones get the best care possible in a comfortable environment.

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