5 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Dementia

As we age, we become more considerate about our health. Letting go of unhealthy eating and living habits becomes one of our primary concerns. There are many prevalent health issues that can fasten the ageing process. However, dementia has become one of the most common among others. 

Dementia is a vast term and is associated with many other health concerns. It basically refers to the decline in cognition and memory. There can be various causes of it, such as brain cell damage, but the outcomes are always deteriorating for health. Dementia can result in loss of judgment, immobility, depression or anxiety etc. 

It is hard to claim that one can completely prevent dementia, or it can be avoided altogether by developing healthy eating and living habits. However, we can reduce its risks and slow down its process by paying a little more attention to ourselves. Here are five essential things you can do for preventing dementia:

5 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Dementia

Regular Physical Activity:

Sitting on the sofa all day long and watching TV or just spending more than half of your day on the office desk with zero physical activity will not bring any good. Regular physical activity is essential for healthy living no matter which age group do you belong to. Develop a habit of taking out 30 or more minutes every day and spending them effectively to do exercise. 

Regular physical activity is the best way to prevent dementia and reduces its chances by 50%. Lifting weights, stretching your body, and doing balance and coordination exercises keep your brain healthy and active. You will always feel fresh and agile. Besides, you will love the way your body looks after working out regularly. 

Eat Healthy:

You are what you eat. Making the right food choices have long term benefits for your overall wellbeing. Our food intake directly affects our body and brain function. Whenever you look at what you can do to prevent dementia, you will always find that our eating habit plays a crucial role in saving us against it. Consuming more sugar, carbohydrates, or saturated fats results in inducing laziness and slower down cognition. 

Consider switching to the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in omega fats and might include vegetables, nuts, spices, legumes, olive oil, whole grain etc. Besides, if you have any deficiency of nutrients, take supplements that your doctor suggests. 

Keep Your Mind Healthy:

Your brain requires constant stimulation to stay active. The more you pay attention to doing brain activities, the more you are likely to understand how to prevent getting dementia. Daily chores or office work often become mundane. You need to consciously make an effort to get your brain into an activity that stimulates your mind. 

You can play crossword puzzles, board games, scrabble or solve riddles. Try learning a new skill. It can be taking on a DIY house renovation project or considering learning a new language. Bring novelty and change in life since consistency often works as rust for your cognition and overall brain health. 

Try Stress-free Living:

If you are wondering where to start from and what to do to prevent dementia, you must practice letting go of the stress from your life. Overthinking, depression or anxiety takes a toll on your mental health. Practice keeping yourself calm even in emotionally triggering situations through meditation. Try to have fun daily. Take some time out of your tightly packed schedule just for yourself daily. 

Laugh more often. Find reasons to stay happy. Socialize, hang out with your friends. Join clubs and play games. Focus more on activities that keep your mind relaxed. It can be knitting, painting, playing with your pet, spending time with your family etc. How can you prevent dementia? Keeping your mind at ease reduces the risks of dementia markedly.

Get Good Undisturbed Sleep:

It all depends on how do you prevent dementia. There isn’t one but many factors that you need to focus on while practising healthy living. Sleep is what our life majorly depends on. People with dementia often have insomnia which suggests that lack of sleep is often linked to deterioration of brain health. 

Get Good Undisturbed Sleep

Poor sleep leads to fatigue and frustration, which is further linked to a high level of stress. Deep sleep helps in clearing our minds and relaxing our bodies. After hours of working tirelessly, our body needs a few uninterrupted hours of sleep to function properly the next day. If you have any difficulty in sleeping, seeing a doctor would be great. 

In a Nutshell:

Dementia is the root cause of many fatal health issues. Although memory weakening is somehow part of the ageing process, but dementia prevention is something we need to work on from the very beginning. Make sure that you are relaxed and ready to have a good sleep when you go to bed. Change your eating and living habits if your body is consistently aching or you feel lethargic. 

If we pay attention to ourselves, we can understand what our body is trying to tell us through consistent signs. It is recommended to go for a general checkup regularly so the deficiency in your body can timely be treated. How to prevent dementia and living according to it should be part of your new year’s resolution!

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