The 20 Healthcare Podcasts You Should Be Listening in 2023

Health is a crucial aspect of our lives that we do not pay enough attention to. After all, it’s 2023, and modern life continues to get hectic. This means we tend to get distracted by other ventures in our life. Yet, there is a need to stay updated with health trends and discoveries to stay on top and keep ourselves healthy. This is why we have compiled a list of 20 healthcare podcasts you should be listening to this year. These podcasts are an excellent way of gaining knowledge and staying engaged without stopping what you are doing. Additionally, they encompass a variety of aspects of health. This includes recommendations, industry insights, or conversations with healthcare influencers and leaders. Without further delay, let’s dive into it.

Healthcare Executive Podcast

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) is an international professional society of more than 40,000 healthcare executives. These executives are industry leaders in charge of hospitals, entire healthcare systems, and organizations. The Healthcare Executive website helps provide a range of resources, which includes a magazine and a blog. These focus on emerging trends and issues within healthcare management and the industry. One such resource is the Healthcare Executive Podcast, which helps healthcare enthusiasts connect to industry leadership. This is done through storytelling and interviews, which help engage, inspire, and educate listeners while allowing them to find a community within the ACHE. The podcast primarily focuses on subjects like event speakers, elected leaders within ACHE, and inspiring stories from members and award winners.

Faces of Digital Health

Faces of Digital Health is a podcast that explores the diversity of healthcare innovation and systems worldwide. It features a variety of discussions with people within the healthcare industry, whether it be nurses, policymakers, doctors, and opinion leaders. This enables them to shed light on the industry and show different perspectives on the digitization of healthcare. Additionally, these discussions also help challenge assumptions that exist about modern healthcare. You will also find tips and critical perspectives about the industry from the carefully curated selection of speakers. The primary purpose of the podcast is to help facilitate discussions that will help improve healthcare worldwide. Some of the subjects addressed in this podcast include digital health, current trends, and the impact of technology on patients.

Health Care News Podcast

The Heartland Institute, a national non-profit research and education organization, provides the Health Care News Podcast. Its purpose is to provide and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. As a result, they address various issues, such as healthcare, education, environmental protection, and taxes. The Health Care News Podcast is one such resource they provide that addresses health care issues. The podcast features conservative and libertarian healthcare scholars. They believe the industry’s power should be removed from government bureaucrats and given back to patients and doctors. Some subjects they address include healthcare policies and politics affecting the industry.

Health for Life

Health for Life is a podcast provided by the Hamilton Health Care System, a non-profit system of care serving Northwest Georgia. It is known for its advanced care services, innovative treatments, and state-of-the-art facilities. The Health for Life podcast is a production from them that aims to provide education on health topics that is easily accessible. This is done through the dozens of physicians and experts featured on the podcast. With them, they explore a variety of health topics and trends. Some subjects discussed in the episodes include hand therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and memory issues.

Healthcare Weekly: At the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation

The Healthcare Weekly podcast explores how technology is shaping the healthcare industry. The hosts, Michael Reddy and Codrin Arsene interview the industry’s brightest and most proficient members. This allows them to examine and learn about innovations in the industry, like artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality. This allows them to understand how it changes patient outcomes and the healthcare experience. Some subjects addressed in the episodes include fertility monitoring, data science, and augmented reality applications.

Medtech Talk

The Medtech Talk podcast features engaging conversations with guest speakers in the form of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in healthcare. These individuals are directly involved in making healthcare efficient and improving treatments. This podcast’s mission is to bring focus to the foundation of the industry, which is the people. They believe the way the healthcare sector’s success is measured is flawed. This is because it focuses on money earned and companies’ success instead of how it benefits the people. The podcast is hosted by Geoff Pardo, who has over two decades of experience in MedTech in investment and operational roles, with a real passion for innovation. Some subjects addressed in the episodes include revolutionizing surgery, diversity, and artificial agency in the industry.

Healthcare Rap

Healthcare Rap is a podcast that features digital influencers Zain Ismail and Jared Johnson challenging the status quo of healthcare technology and marketing. It provides a unique healthcare experience with provocative thinking that encourages healthcare innovation. This is done entertainingly and engagingly, simultaneously ensuring you are inspired and educated. Healthcare Rap continues to be one of the longest lasting and highly rewarded B2B healthcare podcasts. It has been named among the Top 20 Healthcare Podcasts. Some subjects explored in the episodes include consumer innovation, healthcare leaders, and metaverse trends in the sector.

Caretalk: Healthcare Unfiltered

Caretalk is a weekly healthcare podcast that provides a unique, unfiltered way of looking at and addressing the US healthcare industry. On this podcast, listeners can understand complicated sector issues while obtaining new knowledge and insights. Some of the industry’s most prominent leaders are featured on this podcast, providing an insider’s perspective of the sector. This includes the latest innovations, businesses, trends, and policies. It is a podcast suitable for seasoned healthcare veterans and early-career professionals. Some subjects discussed in the episodes include rare disease research, insulin prices, and digital healthcare.


Disrupt is a monthly Home Health Care News (HHCN) podcast. HHCN is an independent source of the latest news and information about the senior in-home care & Home Health industry. They offer professionals this information to enable them to run business operations effectively. The Disrupt podcast covers all the hot topics in the home industry while spotlighting the individuals making a difference in it. They even bring in industry leaders and experts to have engaging and enlightening conversations with them, providing unique insights to listeners. Some topics discussed in the episodes include staffing shortages, home care provider plans, and legal trends.

The No Normal Show

The No Normal Show is a healthcare podcast provided by Revive. Revive is a forum that focuses on developing strategies, programs, and products to master the challenges in the healthcare industry. Their podcast focuses on challenging the status quo of health space, believing that nothing should be accepted as normal. Instead, they believe that we must continue to push forward and bring innovation to the industry. As a result, you will find them throwing around thoughts, opinions, and ideas to encourage innovation and navigate the hurdles of the health space. They entertainingly do all this to ensure that episodes are engaging. Some subjects discussed include the future of primary care, marketing, and societal trends influencing healthcare.

The Heart of Healthcare

The Heart of Healthcare podcast’s mission is to improve healthcare for everyone through digital health. It is hosted by Halle Teso, an entrepreneur passionate about fixing the healthcare system. She has vast experience in the industry, founding the digital health venture fund, Rock Health and the reproductive product company Natalist. She has also served as a Board Member of the health space forum Revive and Advisor to the Harvard Medical School Department of Biomedical Informatics. She has appeared in notable publications like The New York Times, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. She has also been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. In her podcast, she takes a deep dive into many of the critical issues in the healthcare sector alongside compelling conversations. She also invites founders, innovators, and thought leaders to identify problems and identify how to solve them.

Solving Healthcare

Solving Healthcare is a podcast series launched by the Resource Optimization network, a multidisciplinary research group focused on reducing health spending without compromising care. It is founded by Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, a palliative care and intensive care doctor whose research focuses on making these practices more efficient and accessible. This makes him a leading contributor to the department, helping fulfill his network’s goals. The podcast features a variety of discussions and interviews that focus on improving healthcare delivery in Canada. They explore all aspects of healthcare, ensuring that no assumptions, perspectives, or gaps are left unaddressed. They believe challenging the status quo is essential to finding solutions for Canada’s healthcare system.

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Becker’s Healthcare is a media production that provides the latest business news, guidance, analysis, and resources related to the healthcare industry. One of these resources is Becker’s Healthcare Podcast, which features conversations and interviews with guest speakers. These speakers are industry and thought leaders that help provide the latest trends and insights into the healthcare sector. This includes physicians, department heads, professors, directors, and other interesting individuals. They discuss various subjects in the episodes, such as staffing challenges, utilizing technology, and trends in cardiology.

Talking HealthTech

Talking HealthTech is a website that has engaging content revolving around technology in the healthcare industry. This includes a passionate community that is incredibly passionate about technological innovations. Their main content is the Talking HealthTech podcast, which has conversations with individuals and leaders in healthcare. These are policymakers, clinicians, and decision-makers. These conversations provide interesting insights and encourage innovation for a better healthcare environment through technology. A range of topics is covered that listeners can learn about. This includes digital health, medical devices, life sciences, disability, startups, etc.

Healthcare Success Podcast

Healthcare Success is a leading marketing and medical advertising agency. It helps healthcare organizations and companies enhance their brand image and attract new patients. They also help influence healthcare professionals like hospitals, doctors, and medical practices in an ethical way. Furthermore, they have established themselves as an authority by regularly speaking at healthcare congresses and conferences. Their articles and expert interviews have appeared in notable publications like the Wall Street Journal and Medical Times. Similarly, there is their Healthcare Success Podcast, where all manners of subjects related to healthcare are discussed. These include healthcare marketing in the post-COVID era and addiction treatment marketing.

Ideas Shaping Healthcare

Ideas Shaping Healthcare is a podcast by McMillan Pazdan Smith, a regional studio-based interior, planning, and architecture firm. Their purpose is to create meaningful and lasting change for all. They believe that healthcare is at the forefront of everyday life, which is why their podcast focuses on ideas shaping the future of healthcare. It is a great listen for healthcare advocates, consumers, and providers. They regularly feature conversations with healthcare stakeholders and experts as special guests across various communities in the industry. This helps explore and reveal different ideas revolving around healthcare. Some subjects discussed in their episodes include carbon neutrality, employer healthcare costs, and nursing education.

15 Minutes With The Doctor

Dr. Vinay Shankar, an experienced medical professional with various positions in the UK healthcare industry, hosts 15 Minutes With The Doctor. He is the Interim Chief Clinical Information Officer & Clinical Safety Officer for Primary Care for the NHS. In his podcast, he shares stories and conversations with healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs changing the industry and growing their unique ideas. This allows aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs to learn from their journeys, mistakes, and success to develop their ideas and benefit the industry. The podcast series covers interesting concepts, key strategies, and actionable tips.

The Voice of Healthcare

The Voice of Healthcare Podcast was created as one of two podcasts to provide insights and education on the technological advances in the healthcare industry. In this specific podcast, the co-hosts dive into the impact of technology on the sector. This is done through leading AI and digital health experts highlighting the innovative work being done by various experts worldwide. Additionally, they talk about interesting ideas that are making an impact. These experts include patients, technologists, and clinicians. Some of the subjects that are discussed in the episodes include pharmacogenetics, entrepreneurship, and quality interventions.

Modern Healthcare’s Next Up

Next Up is a twice-monthly podcast delivered by Modern Healthcare. It is a leading source of information, research, policy, and business news in the healthcare industry. In this podcast, they deliver inspirational and engaging conversations alongside the most credible information and news. As a result, their content helps empower listeners and is excellent for emerging and aspiring healthcare executives. In essence, the podcast equips the next generation of healthcare leaders with new insights, wisdom, and trend analysis. In these episodes are policymakers, industry experts, and reporters who share their stories, lessons learned, and what they believe the future of healthcare will look like. Some subjects discussed in the articles include nursing shortages, patient-centered health systems, and COVID-19 burnout.

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare IT Today is a leading online-only publication that provides actionable insights and analysis of daily events in the healthcare industry. This includes their podcast, where they delve into the latest healthcare and IT news regarding the ever-changing technology and healthcare sectors. The conversations and discussions featured in the episodes are entertaining and interesting, providing new perspectives, insights, and ideas about the industry. Some topics discussed in the podcast include the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), generative AI, and healthcare IT predictions.

The Bottom line

The podcasts featured in these articles provide exceptional insights, news, and wisdom to all manners of healthcare professionals, whether they are newcomers or seasoned veterans. They offer an excellent assortment of topics centering around all aspects of the industry. This includes healthcare business, medical breakthroughs, and the role of technology in healthcare. Additionally, medical experts and leaders are consistently featured in these podcasts as guests, providing inspiring stories and actionable tips for future generations. Therefore, anyone passionate about healthcare and its future should check out these podcasts.

We hope this article has been insightful and has helped you learn about healthcare podcasts you should be listening to in 2023. Thank you for reading!

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