Senior Care in Lakewood

Marianne shares her unforgettable experience of having an above-and-beyond care team by her side during her recovery from a fall.

Lakewood Senior Resource Guide

As we seek to be a competent care partner for families in Lakewood, we have also created a resource guide to ensure that families have accessibility to some important information that can help guide them towards the best decision for choosing the right in-home care company. Our goal is to provide families with untapped resources that can assist families with the challenges of aging. Whether it’s how to pay for home care or how to support family caregivers, we have curated a resource guide to assist you and your loved one.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers for Seniors in Lakewood

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Long Beach Memorial Hospital offers an array of various specialties such as heart, vascular, cancer, spinal, and stroke care.

As a flagship of MemorialCare Health System, Long Beach Memorial was established in 1907. Long Beach Memorial specializes in vascular, cancer, rehabilitation, orthopedic and stroke, diabetes, digestive care and it has been known as a major regional provider of surgical and medical services. Long Beach Memorial Center has 420 hospital beds and 61 ICU beds and services Long Beach, Bellflower, Compton, Lakewood, Seal Beach and Signal Hill.

For more info:
  • Long Beach Memoral Medical Center
  • 2801 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807
  • 562-933-2000
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Lakewood Regional Medical Center

Lakewood Regional Medical Center specializes in heart, orthopedics, and advanced stroke care, serving the greater Long Beach, South Bay, and North Orange County communities.

Lakewood Regional Medical Center (LRMC) has served its local community for over thirty-five years. LRMC  has 172 hospital beds and specializes in heart, orthopedics, and advanced stroke care. Lakewood Regional Medical Center’s medical team is committed to ‘quality and compassionate care that patients deserve. US News & World ranks Lakewood Regional Medical Center as a high-performing medical provider for cardiology and pulmonary & lung surgery procedures.

For more info:
  • Lakewood Regional Medical Center
  • 3700 E South St, Lakewood, CA 90712
  • 562-531-2550
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    Senior Centers and Senior Community Services in Lakewood

    The City of Lakewood offers a variety of services for seniors in their community. Lakewood has two senior-focused community service centers: Weingart Senior Center, and Burns Community Center. These two Senior and Community Centers focus on programs such as the Senior Nutrition Program, Lakewood Meals on Wheels, and DASH Transit for Seniors. The City also focuses on other senior services for lower-income residents.

    The Weingart Senior Center

    The Weingart Senior Center is open to local residents 50 years and older. Seniors who are 60 years of age can participate in low-cost lunches. Other services and activities include social services, case management,  fitness room, pool tables, cards, and dances. Due to COVD-19 restrictions, some of these activities may be halted temporarily. Please check the Center’s website for more information.

    For more info:
    • Weingart Senior Center
    • 5220 Oliva Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712
    • 562-630-6141
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    Burns Community Center

    The Burns Community Center, one of two centers serving seniors in the community of Lakewood, offers handymen services to seniors in the city, needing necessary assistance modifying their homes for safety.

    The Burns Community Center provides different activities for seniors especially those that are newly retired. The center has many activities that cater to different areas of the senior community such as:

    • Active + Programs: Athletic activities for seniors to promote physical and mental activities
    • Adult Volunteer Inquiries
    • Lakewood Meals on Wheel
    • Project Shepherd
    • Virtual Fitness Classes
    For more info:
    • Burns Community Center
    • 5510 Clark Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712
    • 562-925-7512
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    F&F Adult Day Health Care Center

    F&F Adult Day Health Care Center provides assistance to adults and seniors with medical and nursing services, physical and occupational therapy, creative and multi-cultural activities, personal care/ADL assistance, educational sessions, nutritious meals and transportation to and from the center. F&F Adult Day Health Care Center provides service to the following areas of Long Beach, Carson, Compton, Paramount, Bellflower, Lynwood, Lakewood, Norwalk, and many more.

    For more info:
    • F&F Adult Day Health Care Center
    • 2385 Pacific Avenue Corner Burnett Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806
    • 562-336-1400 or 562-336-1425
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    Meals on Wheels Lakewood

    The mission of Meals on Wheels Lakewood is “To provide healthful, high-quality home-delivered meals to homebound residents allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity.” Meals on Wheels Lakewood has been serving its local community for forty years. Meals on Wheels can be very useful to those who can no longer cook for themselves at an affordable price. Volunteers deliver food to local residents providing nutritious meals to help senior loved ones remain independently at home.

    For more info:
    • Meals on Wheels Lakewood
    • 5510 Clark Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712
    • 562-925-8747
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    DASH Transportation

    Above is one of the two new handicap-accessible vans added to the Lakewood Dash fleet in 2014, helping homebound seniors maintain access to their community and living needs.

    The City of Lakewood provides transportations services assisting residents over 60. If you are a local, and you are interested in the city’s DASH service system, please make sure to pre-register as rides are by registration only. All vehicles have increased sanitization protocols to comply with health and safety regulations. The city has two new handicapped-accessible vans added to the fleet. Transportation is provided by reservation only.

    For more info:

    Services for Veterans near Lakewood

    At Loving Homecare Inc., we are honored to serve men and women who have faithfully served our country. The VA hospital in Long Beach has comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs for our veterans. To find out more about their list of services, find out more by visiting their website.

    VA Hospital – Long Beach

    The Long Beach VA Hospital offers various services for veterans such as mental health, women’s health, spinal cord injury, blind rehabilitation center, and much more!

    For more info:
    • VA Hospital – Long Beach
    • 5901 East 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90822
    • 562-826-8000
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    Veterans Legal Institute

    For more info:

      Paying for Home Care in Lakewood

      The discussion regarding which resources to allocate at which form of care, at which time, and for which people, are some of the post puzzling for many families. Fortunately, there is help available for those wanting financial guidance for these important and high-trust decisions.

      True Freedom Homecare Plans

      True Freedom is a unique financial product where you pay a monthly subscription to have access to a large (1,500-10,000) pool of hours of care. Loving Homecare is an approved provider of care hours with True Freedom.

      For more info:

      Pathfinder Senior Consultants

      Pathfinder Senior Consulting services provide free consultations to families, using their financial modeling software and estate planning expertise, to help families answer questions such as:

      • How much can I spend on care today, and still leave enough for my spouse?
      • How much can I spend, and still leave the inheritance I want for my children?
      • What other sources of income for home-care might be available to me, that I am not aware of?
      For more info:

        Click below to learn more about True Freedom, Pathfinder, and other tools to tackle the most effective ways to afford senior care.

        Partners for Health and Medication Case Management

        One of the greatest challenges for seniors aging at home is medication management. As prescriptions change, refills expire, and vision, memory and coordination loss make the mechanics of medications more difficult,  it’s no wonder why many seniors are hospitalized for prescription mismanagement.

        But those receiving home care in Lakewood don’t need to worry- there are many community-based programs that Loving Homecare can recommend you partner with to ensure you have assistance with managing your medical care.

        Click below to learn more about solutions for in-home care management in Lakewood.

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