Senior Care in Fullerton

Loving Homecare Inc. serves many seniors and families living in California, such as the community of Fullerton. We provide them with aging home care services within their homes. We believe that helping seniors with in-home senior care in Fullerton helps preserve their history and legacy. Additionally, the happiness that we provide to seniors will cascade to their families. This ensures our services provide a solid support system. We are committed to our mission of providing elderly care in Fullerton with professionalism in a caring environment. Additionally, we carry with us the heartbeat of our founder that is the basis of our excellent senior care in Fullerton experience.

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In-Home Help For Fullerton Seniors

When providing senior care, we adopt certain core values to ensure that seniors under our care get the best home care in Fullerton. Families can feel anxious when opting for senior care, which we understand entirely. We strive to relieve this stress from you by providing professional services while showing you that your loved ones are safe in our hands. Whether it is Dementia home care in Fullerton or any other medical, daily activity assistance, we empower them in our care while aiding and providing for all their needs. This ensures they get the best care in a loving home care environment. We even make the process easier by providing hourly, daily, or around the clock services. You can decide whichever suits you best, and we can assist you with any resources you need.

We have improved the lives of our seniors and, consequently, their families in plenty of ways. This ensures that their emotional and physical needs are taken care of. We adopt certain values that make us stand out in the senior home care industry. These values are:

  • Stewardship

    We understand that spending your head-earned money on senior home care can be quite a difficult decision to make. Therefore, we advise families so that they can choose an option that is right for them.

  • Accountability

    We understand that you expect results when investing in care for your loved ones. Therefore, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with the best possible care that you deserve. We do this through our senior home care in Fullerton with our well-trained staff.

  • Trust

    Trust is essential for feeling comfortable in a new and unfamiliar environment, in whatever situation. Therefore, we strive to earn your trust and design our relationships to take care of any doubt you may be experiencing. By doing so, you and your loved ones will feel more comfortable when opting for Loving Homecare Inc. services.

  • Thriving

    We hire specialized medical professionals while hiring novice ones to train them in our high standard methods and expectations. This ensures they are on par with the high level of care we strive for. This helps the industry and community thrive with senior in-home care in Fullerton.

  • Strength in Community Service

    We do business with local companies and providers to get the resources we need to take care of our seniors’ needs. When we do, we are also helping the community of Fullerton. This is because this process provides more employment and business, which can help boost the Fullerton economy.

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Types of Home Care Services we offer in Fullerton

    1. In-Home Care

    Most seniors are anxious about moving to a retirement home because of it is an unfamiliar environment. They believe they can live in their home just fine, especially if they have lived in that house their whole life. However, these seniors may face challenges, like buying groceries and keeping themselves clean when living alone. We can help by taking care of their lifestyle, and medical, providing ultimate recovery care services, and fulfilling emotional needs while residing in their homes. This ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy your life the way you want to while we take care of it.

    2. Assisted Living

    Assisted living allows seniors to feel independent, which they can not do in a retirement home. Our caregivers can provide assisted living arrangements to enable them to do tasks themselves while helping them with any issues. This way, seniors will feel more active and won’t have to sit around idly. This helps them improve at these tasks until they can do them themselves. For example, we may encourage them to shampoo their hair while we provide standing support to them in the shower.

    3. Custodial Care

    Custodial care refers to non-medical assistance seniors may require with their daily activities. This includes lifestyle activities like eating, bathing, cooking, etc. Custodial care is usually recommended by authorized medical personnel, but the caregivers themselves do not need to be from a medical background. Custodial care ensures that seniors’ daily needs are taken care of in a loving home care environment. This type of care can be given both within the home and the daycare facility.

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      Loving Homecare Serving Fullerton, CA Since 2014

      Aging in the familiarity of your home offers many advantages. Whether it’s recovering from illness or surgery faster, preventing cognitive decline or improved physical or mental health, we ensure you have the team it takes to enjoy your life at home.

      Dementia Care in Fullerton

      Our Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP®) provide special training our caregivers working with those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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      End of Life Care in Fullerton

      End-of-Life experience is best at home. Our caregivers help keep you there and collaborate with your hospice provider team.

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      Fall Prevention Care in Fullerton

      End-of-Life experience is best at home. Our caregivers help keep you there and collaborate with your hospice provider team.

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      Lifestyle Care

      We help ensure seniors have the assistance to enjoy their independence safely at home. Whether it’s helping with errands around the house or in the community, preparing meals or assisting with meal prep, we’re here to help. Click below to request an assessment.

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      Recovery Care

      Loving Homecare of Fullerton provides you the peace of mind that your return from a hospital, skilled nursing, or rehabilitation facility stay will minimize setbacks and maximize your healing. Click below to learn more.

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      Specialized Care

      Dementia & Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, diabetes, stroke, and many other risks can challenge your independence at home. Our mission is to be your partner in living and thriving through these challenges head-on. Contact Loving Homecare Fullerton below to discuss your situation.

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      About Fullerton, CA

      Fullerton is located in North Orange County and is renowned for its unique mix of residential, commercial, industrial, educational and cultural environments. In this way, residents of the city are getting the entire package while enjoying a high standard of life.

      The population of the city is approximately 137,000. The city prides itself on its history, which is why the government has made extensive efforts to preserve its heritage. This is why it was designated as “Preserve America Community” according to the Preserve America Initiative. On the other hand, the city also strives to meet any future challenges.

      Fullerton has worked to preserve the health of its residents, including seniors. After all, what better way to represent heritage and history than the city’s seniors? The St. Jude Medical Center is one such hospital serving the greater Fullerton community.

      It specializes in various diseases and conditions, including cancer, cardiac, maternity, and rehabilitation care. Because of its professional level of care, many seniors in Fullerton opt for home care while getting treatment there.

      Speaking of seniors, the Fullerton Senior Center is the ultimate destination for senior services. This center houses a fitness center for seniors, daily activities and meals. This ensures ease for seniors whilst allowing them to take care of their physical health.

      Fullerton Senior Resource Guide

      Loving Homecare understands that a complete care plan doesn’t end with home care. Having a team of resources to ensure your social, relational, medical, financial, medication, and other needs are met is crucial for long-term and uninterrupted life in the comfort of your home.

      That’s why we have created a one-stop-shop for Fullerton’s essential service providers for the needs of seniors. If there is any particular need that you cannot locate here, please give us a call. We would love to use our relationships to ensure you have the holistic help you need for wise and healthy living.

      Hospitals and Healthcare Centers for Seniors in Fullerton

      St. Jude Medical Center, part of Provident Health Group, is the major regional hospital serving the greater Fullerton community. With multiple geriatric care physicians, St. Jude’s primary specialties are breast, cancer, cardiac, maternity, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and neuroscience care. Many have transitioned to receiving home care in Fullerton after receiving professional treatment for emergency and planned surgical operations at St. Jude.

      For more info:
      • St. Jude Medical Center
      • 101 E Valencia Mesa Dr, Fullerton, CA, 92835
      • 714-871-3280
      • View Website
        • Anaheim Regional Medical Center
        • 1111 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801
        • 714-774-1450
        • View Website
        • Kaiser-Permanente Orange County Medical Center
        • 3440 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806
        • 833-574-2273
        • View Website

        Senior Centers and Senior Community Services in Fullerton

        Fullerton’s Community Center is the central destination for the city’s services for seniors. This includes a 13-piece community fitness center for seniors, daily activities and programming, and the daily Congregate Meal. The Second Harvest Food Bank Grocery Box distribution for seniors is also housed out of the Fullerton Community Center.

        For more info:
        • Fullerton Community Center
        • 3240 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA, 92832
        • 714-738-6575
        • View Website
        • The Memory Spa
        • 1950 Sunny Crest Dr, Fullerton, CA, 92835
        • 714-706-4253
        • Visit Website
        • Westview Adult Day Care
        • 626 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA, 92832
        • 714-879-3980

        These are some local Adult Day Care providers. Costing anywhere from $500/ month to free depending on one’s insurance and other benefits, in-home care in Fullerton can be well supplemented through the nursing staff, professional therapists, professional therapy and exercise equipment, and the social gatherings of these types of places. Many also provide transportation to and from their location, and some may even providing showering, grooming, and other hygiene help if these are not already provided by home care providers like Loving Homecare. It’s a great way to get a “change of scenery” while not leaving your home.

        For more info:
        • Helping Hands Adult Day Care
        • 2505 Yorba Linda Blvd, Fullerton, CA, 92834
        • 714-871-5855

          Fullerton’s meals on wheels program offer case management, powered by caring volunteers from the community, who provide nutritious and senior diet-friendly frozen meals that can easily and safely be heated up at home. While in-home care in Fullerton certainly provides assistance with meal preparation, Meals on Wheels can be a sure way to guarantee that on the days you don’t have care, you don’t skip a meal.

          For more info:
          • Meals on Wheels Fullerton
          • 223 W Amerige Ave #1806, Fullerton, CA 92832
          • 714-871-2200
          • View Website

            One great way to supplement visits from a caregiver is to participate in one of the state’s many “Friend Caller/ Visitor” programs. In these programs, seniors can develop a relationship with someone who supports and looks out for them through weekly check-in phone calls. They also can provide linkages to community providers of any new needs or challenges that arise.

            For more info:
            • Friendly Visitor Program
            • Serving Fullerton, CA
            • 714-479-0107
            • View Website

              The aging experience can affect the entire family. While many spouses and relatives of seniors richly benefit from the break of hiring the help of senior home care providers in Fullerton like Loving Homecare, California’s Family Caregiver Resource Centers provide additional help to these unthanked helpers. From therapeutic counseling services, case management to connect to local benefits and social services, educational events and even grants for in-home care, the Orange County Caregiver Resource Center is a must-have help in your Rolodex.

              For more info:
              • The Caregiver Resource Center – Orange County
              • 130 W Bastanchury Rd, Fullerton, CA 92835
              • 714-446-5030
              • View Website

              Professional Services for Seniors in Fullerton

              Recognized by Congressman Linda Sanchez for their excellent work in serving the vulnerable, Community Legal Aid ensures that Fullerton residents who are vulnerable and disconnected from legal resources are not left without support.

              For more info:

                Provided by the SCAN Foundation for those who are not members of a health plan, IAH can help Fullerton seniors receive assistance with medication management (C-MEDS Program), social workers for case management of the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), in-home fall-prevention assessment and training, life transition planning, and many other referrals for services.

                For more info:

                  Services for Veterans

                  Loving Homecare is a premier supporter and helper to our aging veterans who have fought for and protected the country we are privileged to inherit.

                  See options below:
                  • VA Hospital – Long Beach
                  • 5901 East 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90822
                  • 562-826-8000
                  • View Website
                  • Anaheim VA Clinic
                  • 2526 West Woodland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92801
                  • 714-763-5300
                  • View Website