Respite Care in Arcadia

Loving Homecare Inc. cares deeply about the communities of California, which includes the city of Arcadia. We provide various services to the Arcadians, including the best respite care in Arcadia. These services are ideal for seniors to recover from medical procedures or critical conditions in the comfort of their homes. Typically, a family caregiver serves as the primary caregiver for their elderly loved one, but certain situations may make this impossible.

This is because of other responsibilities that can make it difficult to dedicate all their time to caring for them. Alternative residential respite care can serve as a relief from stress for family members from their caregiving responsibilities. We provide ideal respite services for temporary and short-term caregiving through our trained caregivers. They can help speed up the recovery of seniors in their care as they are specially trained. Hospital stays are expensive, so respite care at home can serve as the better alternative for Arcadia seniors.

Randy shares his experience on the impact of having an in-home trusted care provider during his mother's journey with dementia and falling injuries.

How Loving Home Care Can Help You With Respite Care:

At Loving Homecare Inc., we follow our founder’s vision by combining superior temporary caregiving services within the comfort of your home. We understand that having a caring partner in aging can bring one person and their whole network of loved ones a powerfully supporting experience. In the same way, we uphold this vision with our respite care services in Arcadia. We help its seniors to recover from various medical procedures and conditions. Helping the seniors of Arcadia ensures that their rich history is preserved. This is why we make sure that all their needs are catered to. After all, the seniors of Arcadia are an integral part of the California community.

Catering to the needs and recovery of the seniors of Arcadia is important to us. So, we provide a range of respite care Arcadia services. Some of these types of respite care services included are the following:

    • Lifestyle Care Services:

    The lifestyle of senior Arcadians is a testament to the city’s history, so preserving it is so important. We are aware that readmission statistics for seniors are high and want to prevent this as much as possible. Readmission can be costly and can also be a distressing experience for seniors. We don’t want our beloved seniors to experience this, so we work carefully for complete recovery with seniors’ medical professionals. We develop a plan around their instructions for optimal recovery. We can support recovery from strokes, fractures, heart attacks, joint replacements, and diabetes.

    • Medical Management: 

    Medicine is necessary for seniors to keep control of conditions that are normal with old age. Additionally, medical prescriptions are typically part of the recovery process. Because there are so many medicines to remember, it can be a challenge for seniors to keep up with them. We can help them maintain their medication schedule with timely reminders and administration. Our caregivers are always prepared to deal with side effects and inform family members if they occur.

    • Bathing and dressing:

    Preserving their hygiene and changing is a challenge seniors face if their condition or procedures causes a lack of mobility. They may require standing support for showering and walking support to the bathroom. Our respite caregivers can help provide for all their hygiene needs. If they are unable to leave their bed, a sponge bath from our caregivers is always an option.

    • Diet Management:

    Eating healthy can help seniors extensively in their recovery journey. They tend to have sensitive nutritional needs, which our caregivers can take care of through respite care services. They are trained to make meals according to any specific preferences and their favorite recipes. We provide varied meals so that eating is something they look forward to. They can cook healthy meals with any available ingredients during in-home respite.

    • Toileting and incontinence care:

    Recovery patients can have problems moving around, which can be a problem when they want to go to the toilet. Additionally, side effects caused by medicines and certain medical conditions can cause seniors to develop incontinence and bowel problems. Our caregivers can help them with all their toileting and incontinence issues, especially if any involuntary messes occur.

    • Complete Recovery Support: 

    We are aware of the lifestyles in California and understand how the community works. Therefore, we can develop a complete support plan tailored to the seniors and families of Arcadia. This ensures they have a plan that suits them, whether it be for a few hours, full-time or full-day.

    • Condition Monitoring: 

    Family members are understandably concerned for their loved ones and want them to return to their former vigor as soon as possible. We conduct frequent checkups on seniors and provide regular updates to their families. This may include overnight observation if family members require it or medical professionals recommend it. This is if the situation is critical. If a complication does occur, our caregivers can take them to the nearest medical institution serving Arcadia.

    • Transportation

    A recovering patient will likely have some follow-up appointments scheduled for condition monitoring and progress. In such situations, they need to be driven to the hospital. This can be a problem when family members cannot do so because they are busy. This is where we can help by transporting them to a medical institution that caters for them in California.

    • House help Services: 

    Recovering patients need a hygienic environment as safe as possible for their recovery. Such an environment prevents injuries that can stagnate recovery or even cause readmissions. Our caregivers can help by providing house help services. They can make sure the house is clean, and there are no obstacles that can hurt seniors.

    • Exercise and Fitness:

    Staying fit is highly recommended for seniors to live a healthier, longer life. In some cases, professionals recommend specific exercises, such as when recovering from an injury. However, this can be a challenge for them as their condition might restrict them or affect their confidence. Loving Home Care Inc. has a dedicated team of respite caregivers that can support seniors with exercises and fitness therapy sessions.

    • Companionship Services:

    Recovering patients can feel isolated during recovery, primarily if they are confined to bed rest. Loved ones can understandably not always give them time, even if they are fulfilling their duties of caregiving. This can make seniors feel depressed and lonely, fostering negative thoughts. Poor mental health can slow down recovery, which is never good. Our caregivers can help provide companionship services to recovering seniors through respite caregiving services. This gives them inner strength, encouraging them in their recovery journey.

    Loving homecare is at your service. Contact us at (562) 448-3854 to reach our officials.

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      Why Loving Home Care Inc.?

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      I would like to thank my family (Loving Homecare) for their support and motivation. Despite my vast experience as a Healthcare Practitioner in big and well-reputed institutions, my experience at Loving Homecare has taught me many things that I missed in my professional experiences over the years. I learned how to be part of a family, I know what's like to be a part of a family and how important it is to love and be loved at work without jeopardizing all or any of the professional boundaries. It is such a great feeling when your client counts the hours and minutes waiting to see you again. This noble relationship with your clients will not grow that far without having the right atmosphere. YES, I strongly mean it: "LOVING HOMECARE" is that atmosphere I am talking about. I have always received the support when needed even without having to ask. The administration work with you and protect you exactly like any family protects its family members. I feel proud to be part of this family and I am sure all other colleagues would share this feeling with me. Once again, thank you all for your love, care, trust and appreciation. I will always pray for your organization to grow bigger and bigger. This means many clients are getting the best care ever and staff are enjoying the best working atmosphere in the field of home healthcare.

      Sarjoun B.
      Los Angeles, CA
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      When I had major surgery at 94, my family was concerned regarding who to get to take care of me 24/7 for several weeks. A nurse friend suggested Loving Homecare.. Tanner and Orianne were so kind, attentive and loving. I will never forget them and they will remain in my heart and prayers. I feel that having Loving Homecare enriched my life as well as having such fabulous care. I know God directed my family in their choice and I would highly recommend Loving Homecare, unreservedly, to anyone who wants the very best of care.

      Georgia P.
      La Habra Heights, CA
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      Loving Homecare, based out Whittier, California, was recommended to us by the hospice company that was overseeing our friend and neighbor. In the two week that Loving Homecare provided their service, we were faced with a new challenge because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Tanner and his team made the adjustments necessary to continue to provide personal care for our loved one. Would highly recommend Loving Homecare if you're looking for personal care and competitive prices for your loved one. Thank you, Tanner and staff.

      Val H.
      Whittier, CA
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      We've been using Loving Homecare for about 7 months now and they are great! We have a very difficult situation at our house and Tanner was able to find the perfect caregiver for our situation. They are very flexible and go out of their way to help with all of the challenges we are faced with. Tanner is very involved with us and checks in frequently to make sure all of our needs are met. The caregiver is a trooper and sticks around in very complicated and hard situations. There is constant contact with us when we aren't there so we always know how the day went. I've also noticed they are very good to their employees and offer them lots of support. Keep your employees happy and your employees will keep their clients happy - Loving Homecare more than meets this standard. I will continue to use them and I recommend them to anybody that is looking for caregivers.

      Jodi G.
      Whittier, CA
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